IRC Mini-compo #1

Who needs synths anyway?

For the first time in the history of MadTracker there will be an online mini-competition. This mini-competition will give you the possibility to show your skills in a limited period of time with pre-selected samples. Besides that you will also get in contact with other MadTracker producers and probably have a very fun time.

Here are the details:

Compo name:"Who needs synths anyway?"
Date:Sunday the 13th, 20:00 CET
Location:IRC, #madtracker at DALNet (Check the Community page)
Musical style:Any
Samples:hi-quality 'mouth-generated' pack
Produce time:90 minutes

Sunday evening at 20:00 CET the rules will be explained in detail, and also the url will be given where the samplepack can be downloaded from. At 22.00 CET everyone must be logged in again at IRC channel #madtracker, because there the FTP-site will be given where the songs can be send to. When everyone has uploaded their song the downloading & judging by the others who participated (& anyone else interested) begins, and after a furious discussion a winner shall be chosen. He who wins gets a personal drawing I made in Photoshop and may call himself "Analogue King" for 1 month, which is something everyone will be impressed about.

If you aren't familiar with IRC, other producers or online competitions, don't hesitate but feel free to join; there are lots of others who are willing to help you with any question concerning this phenomenon, and the compo will guaranteed be a very fun thing to do. Additional questions before the competition can be asked directly at, or feel free to post in the general room of the forum.

Hoping to see you all next Sunday,