IRC Mini-compo #12

Compo name:"Blended Genres"
Date:Sunday the 21st, 20:00 CET
Deadline:Sunday the 21st, 22:00 CET
Location:IRC, #madtracker at DALNet (Check the Community page)
Credits:Thanks to TOffe for the samplepack! (Some samples from Zetesis and Daxx909.)

Sunday evening at 20:00 CET the rules will be explained in detail, and I will give you the passphrase to access the samplepack and the submit page.
At 22:00 CET, every participants must be logged again in the #madtracker IRC channel. When every entry is uploaded, the vote can start.
There is no price involved in the mini-compo. We just do it for the fun.

Don't be afraid to join, beginner or not. We will be there to help you if you have any question regarding such events, IRC in general or MadTracker.

See you on Sunday,


If you have a theme/idea for an IRC Mini-compo,