First compo (Dec 2001)

The results are finally online!

Reviewing was harder task than we thought. Every entry has been scored, but not all are commented. Please, forgive us for the delay.

The reviewers did their best to be the most constructive in their comment. For my part, I only gave scores and some little comments here and there.

All entries worth to be listened to. I'd like to congratulate everyone who participated to this compo. I said there was 1 professional and 2 basic registrations to win. But I changed my mind. I'll give 3 professional and 5 basic registrations to the 8 first non-registered winners!

Any comment on the compo may be posted in the General Discussion room of the forum.

Professional registration:

  1. Michael Cherdancev
  2. Pablo Mayo Sanz
  3. nathan dickerson
Basic registration:
  1. Vladimir Kibardin
  2. Attila Róka
  3. Dave Saphier
  4. Peter Horrevorts
  5. Michal Budzisz