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MadTracker 3
 Update: GitHub repository
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Joined: 16 Apr 2011
Location: Looking for MT3 devs! Wanna join?
PostPosted: Tue Jun 25 2013 23:07    
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dcstoica wrote:
AmEv wrote:

Anyway, 2.* is 100% closed-source. 3.* is open-source.
The reason there is no versioning on 3 is, well, it's in a horribly alpha stage, and has no need for it.

So, you are saying that v3 is a brand new rewrite with no code from the past !?!

It looks like there is a very 'loose' understanding of "Open Source"; recalling some of the remarks of Yan from the past ... 'I want to make my baby open source but ... only the developers will have access to sources up to the beta testing' ... !!!

Ehh... At least, that's what I've extrapolated.

There MIGHT be some basis off of 2, but, like I said, only Yan knows for sure.

He has said that the reason for the re-structuring is "the extreme spagetti code in MT2", that he needed to do a new build.

Let's get coding.

We are looking for developers for MadTracker 3!
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