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Joined: 29 Feb 2004
PostPosted: Sun Jul 18 2004 11:29    
WilI I never Rest In Peace? :)
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As I see, I can never R.I.P. My terrible deading so horroristic, You censored sure. But okay, I can try:

An uncensored version here: [CENSORED]

I don't "simplifying" my life with WinAmp (read: I haven't). 83MB mp3 = 83% of my monthly GPRS-budge, so I thought "I'm so patient, I can waiting a while". You did generated a few cash to ISP-s during delaying of a 3K text-version of the compo results ;) For example, I learnt my score by a friend's e-mail (oh, "e-age": I even haven't meeting with this friend yet...)

P.S.: may can I ask You deadline of MadTracker Compo #4?
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Joined: 31 Jan 2004
Location: Helsingborg, Sweden!
PostPosted: Mon Jul 19 2004 08:45    
ah yes..
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Ahhh... Yes I see. I think everybody can sit back and rejoice themselves now, knowing that have been enlightened and understand exactly everything. On behalf of Yannick I would like to thank you for that very straightforward explanation. All things sorted out. Thank you, and good morning.

Or as we say in Sweden: "Goddag yxskaft". Wink

Actually, I understand most of it after I read it a couple of times. And by then it gets kind of funny, which I think is the intention too...
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Joined: 22 Nov 2004
Location: oslo, norway
PostPosted: Wed Jan 05 2005 23:54    
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Yannick wrote:

Were you really sick or not after all?


He just doesent got a life Razz

anyways.. what a whicked song dude.. original

meh = Aximal
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