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Title:Abandoned Temple: Temple at Night
Genre:Electronica, Romantic
Size:2201 KB

Frazze:   Very good

Wow this is what I like, sound a bit like Jazz Jack Rabbit 2. The guitar gives a nice feel of something not totaly synthetic.

However some things made me concider a "good" instead.

When instrument 3 plays F-G in octave 4 it sound weird an missplaced.

In the begining the guitar sounds weird due to several notes being played at once.

The jump between patterns 16-17 is strange.

Keep working! :)

Smash:   Good

Nice synth rock ballad! Synth compliments defining the retro transitioning.

Additional reverb to percussion would't go amiss. Slightly unbalanced in the mid to mid-high range especially snare, can do with toning down to a warmer/deeper bass EQ curve with pin-sharp highs on purccussion preserved and highlighted.

Strange uplifting feeling towards the end, giving a "Geinie In A Bottle" and Micheal Jackson "Keep It In The Closet" atmosphere.

Crossed influences, Anastasia with a slither R&B intertwined with a strong new school synth rock style, odd combination, fortunately working well!

Compelling... but vocals again please?

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