MadTracker is a tracker-based music composition tool.

I started to work on this project in the mid 90's - I was barely 15, so it was for me a chance to learn programming. The first official release (version 1.0) was in May 1996, in a French computer magazine. Exactly one year later, I released the version 1.5 in the same magazine. These early versions were very limited and buggy and the program was not very successful. Though, I received very encouraging support from the magazine itself and the few users who registered their copy of MadTracker.

So I kept working on it to reach version 2.0 which has been released in late 1998, but on the Internet this time. That new version has been quite successful, and it motivated me to work more on it. Instead of developing a software for me in the first place, I was now developing for my users.

From 1998 to 2006, I kept working on MadTracker on my spare time. My ambitions grew, and I started to work on a completely new version (3.0) which I started from scratch. But unfortunately, it's been pretty hard for me to find enough spare time to keep working effectively on it. So now I decided to open my work and let others contribute to it - while keeping my initial goals and ambitions.