MT2 Compo

€ 1500 of Prizes to Win!

Deadline: Saturday 01 May
Results: Sunday 11 July

TerraTec Phase 28 Evolution MK-449 AKG K271 Studio

* Some countries may not be eligible for the shipping due to customs restrictions.


  • Use the MT2 file format
  • Only one entry per person will be allowed
  • All the material in your MT2 file must be yours (no rip or remix)
  • Be original
  • File size limit is 30 MB compressed (in ZIP or RAR format)
  • The MT2 file must have a title
  • The archive should contain only one MT2 file. Any other file will be removed from the archive. If you want to add comments, do it in the MT2 file comments
Sub-rule: (not mandatory)
  • Insert a voice saying "MadTracker" - preferably in a break. The best voice will be featured in the splash screen of upcoming MadTracker versions.

Tip: read the producing guide to make a successful entry.

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Good luck!


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