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 MadTracker Remix Compo 2007
 Posted by Yannick on Thu 01 Feb 2007 13:06
This year will start with a fun remix compo! It will also be a free compo without as much restrictions as the previous ones.

The original track is a very old track that I made with a friend back in the Madhouse days. That track had quite a local success. Smile I'm persuaded that this track didn't receive the fame and success it deserved. So now I would really like you all to remix it in order to give it a second life and make some astonishing piece of music out of it!

Read more here:

MadTracker Remix Compo 2007
 MadTracker Compo 2005 results online!
 Posted by Inge on Sun 28 May 2006 21:40
After an amazing and exciting online radio webcast of the results, the final ranking of the MadTracker Compo 2005 has been published! Oldbrian went home with the victory due to his amazing ambient track 'standing still'. Chicago¤lollie obtained the second price, and c-frog got third. All the results, including the complete MadTracker-modules and ogg-files, can be found at the Compo Results page.
 Sunday 28 May: MadTracker Compo 2005 webcast and results!
 Posted by Inge on Thu 18 May 2006 08:52
What happens if you combine 59 talented contestants, dozens of VST plugins, endless amounts of samples, the music composition tool MadTracker, more than thousand euro of prices, and the fourth big competition of

Exactly: six exhausted judges, twelve very angry neighbours of these judges, furious discussions about the final ranking, but most of all, loads and loads of massive tracks!

All this and more will finally be shared with you on 28 May 2006 via the presentation of the results for the 2005 Big Competition. A special webcast has been made in which the top tracks, judges and Yannick Delwiche will make their appearance. Make sure to check in on sunday evening 28 May at 20.00 (CEST)!
 MadTracker Chainsong 2006
 Posted by PyroZane on Sat 11 Mar 2006 12:33
The time has come to unite the artists once again for a brand new and exciting Chainsong. Factor and PyroZane, who are the admins of this project, invite you to join The MadTracker Chainsong 2006!

The Chainsong has become one of the biggest events in the MadTracker community. This is the song that everyone talks about during its creation. If you join this project we can promise you a lot of fun, an exciting time, many of comments on your work, and huge amounts of PR! This song is all about fun so anyone can sign up, even if you don't have any expert skills with MadTracker.

If you sign up, we won't break your arm if you can't make it, so don't hesitate! This year everyone has to signup before the Chainsong starts, so if you think this sounds interesting...

Signup here! Signup deadline: 1st of April 2006
If you don't know what a chainsong is click here.
You will find the awesome previous chainsongs here.
For more information visit the Chainsong homepage here.
 MadTracker 2.6.1 - Little bugfixes
 Posted by Yannick on Fri 17 Feb 2006 17:13
The previously released unofficial fix has now officially been integrated into MadTracker, and carries version number 2.6.1.

MadTracker 2.6.1 fixes the Windows default sound playing in the chat, as well as some stability issues with ASIO.


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