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MadTracker Resources
BeatMax MadTracker TutorialTutorial for MadTracker.
MadTracker User photo GallerySee the ugly mugs of the losers that use MadTracker!
MOD Scene
Amiga Music PreservationThe Best Amiga and Pc Ressource for Modules and Composer Database. +600 Interviews, etc...
CTG Music CommunityAnother TiS look-alike with a bunch of features, both regular- and personal charts, and a fast reviewing-system. Not only for trance producers. Check it out!
MAZ Sound ToolsThe best tracking resources website: sharewares, freewares, samples, instruments, etc.
MODPlug CentralThe home of free music and free music resources.
modules.plOnly the best tracker music!
NectarineScene music Internet radio.
The Hornet ArchiveProductions from the PC Demoscene - 1987-1998
The Mod ArchiveThe Mod Archive, Over 120,000 classic module format music files with a welcoming community.
Trax In Spacebeta/site post songs and review others ...
Music Resources
Sample sitesPlenty of sample sites links!
Shareware Music MachineA big repository of music software (more than 3,000).
Studio NieuwsStudio nieuws is a news website for DJ and Producers with the newest hard- and software. Also they're providing tutorials and free samples and software.
Samples / Instruments
HomeMusician.NetLots of free soundfonts, MIDI songs and tablatures.
OrbitProfessional audio equipment for studio or DJ use. (Bruxelles, Belgium - Online shop available.)
synthplanetThat have many different shops and ship worldwide at a very cheap cost.

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