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How do I get started?

Check the MadTracker tutorial. If you can't find the answer you were searching for in this tutorial or in the helpfile of MadTracker, please visit the forum and post your question there.

Some controls do not work properly under Windows XP (or when you installed Office XP)!

This problem has been fixed since version 2.3.2 of MadTracker. Please upgrade to this version or higher.

Since I registered MadTracker won't run or give an error on startup!

This problem has been fixed since version 2.3.2. Please upgrade.

Is there any player that supports the MT2 file format?

Yes! There is a Winamp plugin that enables Winamp (or any other player that supports Winamp plugins) to play MT2 files. Check the Download page for this plugin.

I can't insert notes into a pattern, even though the edit mode is enabled!

This is because the "multi-track edit" mode is enabled. In this mode, you need to mark at least one track as record mode to be able to insert notes. Uncheck the option "multitrack edit" in the "general" part of the Configuration window to go back to the standard edit mode.

When I press a key of my keyboard, I don't hear the sound immediatly! or Why are the patterns slowly refreshed while playing?

This is due to your sound card latency. To reduce this delay and to improve the refresh rate, you have to reduce the buffer size in the "audio" part of the Configuration window. If reducing the buffer size results in clicks and a choppy sound, your computer might not be fast enough to work with such a small delay. Experiment with the buffer size, amount of buffers, minimum delay option and the type of interpolation to achieve optimal results.

What is the difference between the interpolation algorithms?

Interpolation is required when a sample is played at a different speed. It tries to guess the values between two sample points in order to give a better curve in between these points.

  • None: Nothing is done to improve the quality of the sample. It will just take the nearest value. Aliasing occurs.
  • Linear: A line is drawn between sample points. This is a basic approximation and recommended for playback use.
  • Cubic: A curve is drawn between sample points (four points are used). This is a better approximation and is more than decent for playback use.
  • Sinc: An almost perfect curve is drawn between samples points (fifteen points are used). This is the recommended quality for the final exporting to wave. Use for playback only on high-end computers. Only registered users can use this option.

Why is MadTracker taking so much CPU time?

MadTracker has a high-quality playback engine (check the About page), and because of that needs quite a lot of power. The minimum recommended configuration is a Pentium 166 MHz with 32 MB RAM. The optimal configuration would be a Pentium 233 MHz with 64 MB RAM under a NT-based (real 32-bit) version of Windows (NT 4, 2000 or XP).

When I run MadTracker, my computer freezes after a couple of minutes (or immediately)!

You must have a motherboard with the bugged 686b southbridge. Check The 686b bugfix for more information about this bug and the solutions to solve the problem.

Since I use MadTracker 2.3.2, I get the message 'this module has been created with a cracked version of MadTracker!' when I try to open certain modules. What's going on?

Since the release of MadTracker 2.3.2, modules that were made with a cracked version of MadTracker cannot be opened anymore. Furthermore, if you used a cracked version yourself before, and registered MadTracker later, you won't be able to open your own mt2's anymore that were made with the cracked version. Go to this thread for more information about this topic.

How can I convert my produced MT2's into wave or MP3?

If you buy the professional registration for MadTracker, you will get an extra plugin that enables you to export your own songs to high quality wave files. After that, you can use an external encoder to transform your waves to MP3. Check the Register page for an overview of all the advantages of registering MadTracker.
Check out this tutorial to learn how to convert your modules to MP3.

Is MadTracker going to die like FastTracker or Impulse Tracker?


MadTracker is in French. How can I change the language to English?

You choose the language of MadTracker when you install it. If for some reason the language has changed you have to re-install MadTracker to be able to choose again.
But for those who feel comfortable with registry editing, you can change the last number of the value of HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Madhouse\MadTracker\Language from 0 to 1.

How can I translate MadTracker into another language?

You can't. The addition of a new language would require a complete review of the source code (in other words, a lot of work for Yannick).

How can I develop my own effect like the mpReverb?

MadTracker 2 was not well designed to accept effect plugins easily. The mpReverb can work thanks to a lot of modifications in the code of MadTracker. So implementing any other effect would also require a lot of work from the MadTracker side; and Yannick can't afford to spend so much time for this issue.

Copying a block with Alt-F5 doesn't work. Instead, my screen blinks. What's wrong?

This is an issue with modern ATI graphic cards drivers. The ATI drivers trap the Alt-F5 keys to toggle the TV-out on/off. The only solution is to disable the ATI Taskbar Application by unchecking it in the "ATI Options" tab of the display properties of Windows.



I get a "The Parameter is Incorrect" DirectSound error on startup. How can I fix this problem?

Try to use another audio device in the "audio" part of the Configuration window of MadTracker. If this does not help, try another rendering format (use mono or another samplerate).

I hear clicks and the sound is choppy.

Try to increase the buffer size in the "Audio" part of the Configuration window, and change the type of interpolation to "linear" or "no interpolation". Using a DirectSound device helps to avoid clicks under Windows 95/98/ME. Also, enabling the "Minimum delay" option might give better results.


MadTracker 3

When will MadTracker 3 be released?

When it is ready.

What is the progress (in %) of MadTracker 3?

I can't tell you.

Is full MIDI support going to be implemented in MadTracker?

Yes, MadTracker 3 will have full MIDI support. I don't know at which level yet. But since I'm targetting professionals, a master/slave synchronization and a MIDI file import/export will be a minimum.

Will MadTracker 3 have/support xyz?

You'll see! My ToDo-list for MadTracker 3 is huge enough. I already have my plans for the initial release. If the feature you dreamt about isn't there, it may be in a future extension or in a future release. MadTracker 3 is designed to be very flexible and modular, so adding features in the future shouldn't be a problem. In the mean time, you can think along with me via the forum.



If I register MadTracker 2.x, will I have to register MadTracker 3 again?

No, the upgrade from version 2.x to version 3.0 is free. Further major upgrades may not be free (from 3.0 to 3.1 for instance), but I did not decide yet.

How do I register? What is the easiest way to register?

Check the MAZ Online Order for more information about registering. Payment is possible via Credit Card, transfer to bank account, cheque or cash paid in advance in one of 76 different currencies!

Can I upgrade my Normal Registration to a Professional Registration?

Ofcourse you can! Simply go to MAZ Online Order, and order the Normal Registration again. Make sure that you mention in the comments field that you already have a Normal Registration, and that you wish to upgrade to the Professional Registration.


Registered Users

I need my registration files to enable my wave export in a new version of MadTracker. Why haven't they been sent to me? or After I upgraded to a new version of MadTracker, my wave export doesn't function anymore!

Every new version of MadTracker comes with a new version of the personalized registration files. In order to enable your wave export in any new version of MadTracker, you will need to download and install these new registration files too. In contrast to the past, you can download both files directly from the Registered Users area. I have sent you an activation email to log in to this area. If you haven't received this email, contact me (Please mention your personal details that you used for your registration!). Or if you forgot your username and password click here to receive a new one.
Sometimes the wave export still doesn't work after having followed the procedure above. It is wise in that case to download both the latest version of MadTracker as the latest registration files, and to re-install everything from scratch. You must furthermore make sure that you unzipped the wave extension before placing it in the 'extensions' folder!

How do I place my music and/or website online at my serverspace at

Go to this tutorial, which should give the most essential information concerning the usage of FTP and tools to create a website.

When I try to log in to the "Registered Users" area of, I keep getting the message "Cookies are required. Bad login!". What am I doing wrong?

Cookies are files that allow a web site to record your comings and goings. You need to enable your browser to accept cookies in order to be able to log in. Internet Explorer 5 and above: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Advanced -> tick "override automatic cookie handling" -> tick "first party cookies" and "third party cookies" to "Accept". After this, click on "Apply", then "OK", and then restart Internet Explorer. Cookies are now enabled. Mozilla FireFox 0.8 Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> expand "Cookies" -> tick "Enable cookies".


VST Plugins

How do I use VST plugins inside MadTracker?

Check this tutorial. If you can't find the answer you were searching for in this tutorial or in the helpfile of MadTracker, please visit the forum and post your question there.

Certain VST Plugins can suddenly not be loaded anymore!

MadTracker maintains a database of VST Plugins that it found during scanning your defined VST folder. If you moved or deleted VST Plugins on your harddisk, MadTracker won't be aware of that, and still think that they are available on the old location. Therefore, plugins that give problems can best be removed from the VST database, and re-scanned for proper recognizition and usage. You can remove VST Plugins from the database by going to 'Edit' -> 'Configuration' -> tab 'Plugins'. Now select the problematic VST Plugin, and remove it by clicking on the red 'X'. After having done that, click on 'Re-scan VST plugins' to get your VST database up-to-date again.

Where can I find (free) VST Plugins? has a comprehensive VST Plugins database. All plugins here have been tested and found functional within MadTracker 2.5.


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