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Walking To The Unknown

By vfgdfg

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+ Theme, guitars - Mix a bid dull on some parts (piano & snare)

Sounds like: Dream Theatre / Industrial metal crossover symphocore.

Good: great dynamics in the song structure. Very impressive combination of recorded guitars with a tracked context that sounds credible. Overwhelming moments where the sound seems to be borderless. Many good themes that alternate with eachother.

Points of attention: sound quality is far from optimal. Drums sound very dull and lack any form of excitation. The entire sound tends to sound muddy; I feel like drowning inside the soundscape. The good thing about the boundary-lacking feeling sometimes goes over the top, leaving me gasping for air. I would have prefered the components to be more isolated from eachother (strings, guitars, bass, drums) in order to get a more transparant sound.
To be more concrete: I was always impressed how Dream Theatre managed to combine all components of their music into one big but transparant melting pot, where new sounds were to be found every listening time. Walking To The Unknown leaves me with the unsettling feeling that I can't penetrate the song because it lacks transparancy. Deleting the MPreverb on the last tracks already widened the song a bit.

Well, sort of a rock tune, sort of something else (prog rock?). Once again Apollo440 is maybe something that comes pretty close to the general vibe of this track.

I like the intro of this track very much, it creates a great mood for the track. Also like the break at pattern 21 about. Really moodlifting parts of the song.

The overall theme of the tune is great also, somehow it gave me a good mood. Liked the background melodies, especially the strings and the synthline.

The piano could have used a wider sound, a bigger stereofield. Same goes for the drums. The shakers are a bit too loud compared to the other instruments.

What this tune falls on a lot is the quality of the drumsamples. They simply sound to be of very low quality compared to the guitars for instance. Especially the snare is terrible. Also, I didn't like the massive amounts of distortion used on the guitars. I think for a tune like this, a cleaner sound would have worked better. If possible, listen to the guitarsolo in the live version of Genesis 'home by the sea' (from the "the way we walk" tour). That kind of sound I think could have worked much better I think.

Overall, this is one of the better rock/prog rock tunes I've heard in a long time. Really a shame the drums pulled it down that much.

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