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By N0N

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Right, a weird one indeed. Can't place it anywhere else but experimental of some sort.

The tune shifts themes too often simply. Overall it sounds a bit more like a collection of melody snippets, mixed togheter to something. I liked that finale with the piano though, for some reason. The soft piano gave an interesting conclusion to the otherwise pretty edgy track.

The kick in the left channel has the effect that the song feels a bit as if it's leaning towards that side whenever the kick plays. I'd place bass instruments in or close to the middle, and then instead pan out midrange instruments.

What really pulls this one down is the low quality of the strings sample used. Not good enough simply, and it's audible. Considering the otherwise hefty filesize of this song, this was a strange place to cut corners on. The guitar sound I think has too much distortion going, it's barely distinguishable as a guitar, sounds more like noise only.

The scratches in the track are cool though, they work with the track. Liked the break at 0A also, was a cool shift from one part to another.

Overall, well interesting for sure, especially if you like experimental stuff. But the lack of structure basically kills this one.

The quality of the sounds is very high. This song has some suprising and uplifting moments, but unfortunately these are almost too short to even notice. It's certainly original, but it's hard to find any theme to the song as such, thus the mediocre global score.

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