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By Elijah

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Ok, an interesting piece here. It's not your average tune, that's for sure. The dynamics are very big here. It starts off very promising, with calm rhodes playing, in enters a basskick playing with a distinct delay, creating a hectic effect on the kick. Well, no point
describing music, just listen. Sample quality is up there with the best.

The mixing, well, interesting and probably well thought through. Like I said the dynamics of the tune are big. You go from low sounds to very loud sounds, partly by mixing properly.

The biggest issue I have with this tune is that it's too long. It should have ended at 5 or 6 minutes about, that would imo have been a pretty good place to end it. But the tune continues for another 5 minutes from there, repeating a lot of the stuff from the first minutes. Quite frankly, it isn't able to keep up the interest for that long. The intro for one could have been shorter.
Another issue is the disted strings that enter in pattern 26 about. They sound out of place, don't fit the tune at all.
And finally, it's a bit too reverb happy. It works fine when there are 2 or 3 instruments playing, but more than that and it gets cluttered.

Overall, an interesting piece, definetly worth listening to, but a bit long.

Surprising and interesting use of panning (and stereo overall). Mixing (reverb use in particular) needs more practice. For someone who's only just released his second track, I would definitely say "keep at it" - this could get interesting, as there's certainly something deeper and original about this music, although it's still taking shape. Good quality sounds, nice ambience. The nasty (much too loud) chord stabs and (horribly out-of-tune) arpeggiations towards the end of the song, sort of ruin the full picture.

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