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Mr Gamer

By SoulEye

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+ Happy mood

Sounds like: my old atari 2600, only then better.

Beautiful oldschool melodies. Reminds me of loads of crappy games I played on my atari 2600, vic20, amiga 600 and commodore 64.
Very good transitions between the different themes of the song. Fluid listening sensation.

Points of attention:
1: The samples could sound a bit more sharp. The entire song lacks high frequenties to give it a sparkling listening sensation.
2: This will be cursing inside a church, but aren't the days of 80's sound demo's over? Wouldn't this be much interesting inside a distinct 2004 coat? For the very last time I will direct you all to Check out Pysj's Bubbles Revenge. He combined oldschool melodies and memories with new influences concerning samples and sounds.

right, the start immediately reminded be of the swedish artist Nordman and his track "vandraren". Also reminded me of old platform games, which was the idea it seems. So the theme works. It has that nice, happy and energetic vibe going.

Samples then, well on one hand they're of low quality, but on the other hand that was the intention according to the artist. So in that sense samples selection has been very good as they're all 8kHz, and really sound like oldschool samples.

Again, this track sounds a bit right-shifted. Probably because the lead is playing in this channel all the time, and the instrument playing the lead is pretty dominant in characteristics also. As the lead is so dominant, I'd try placing it closer to the center instead. Mind you, most of the time there's something in the left channel trying to balance things out, but more often that not it isn't quite working.

So, anyone that ever played those oldschool games will feel right at home with this one. Not for the general audience though, or perhaps it is... Try it and find out ;)

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