MT2 Compo

The Ritme

By Powerdown

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- Originality, mix

The tune gets of to a promising start, with some fast synths playing. Up until pattern 06 it all sounds good. Unfortunately, it seems the title is a way too good description of the song. After pattern 05 this horrible basskick kicks in, way too loud compared to the rest of the instruments. It seems this tune is a try a something in the hardcore genre, but I doubt even hardcore fans would see much joy in this piece. It sounds more like an experiment, and it sounds unfinished. It's more as if Powerdown found some samples on the net and decided to use them in a tune, tried it out, got something thrown togheter, but then never had the energy to finish things of properly. There's no proper ending, the volume levels of the individual instruments are very unbalanced, the drumprogramming is something I'd consider a first draft only, nothing to call home about. If this was one of your first tracks, then my advice is simply for you (the artist) to look at the first 6 patterns of your track. Those showed potential, those I really liked. That is the direction you should proceed in, in my opinion. Everything after pattern 06, please don't continue down that lane.

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