MT2 Compo

The Mind, The Body

By mikx

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+ Arrangements - Theme, repetitive

Right, mikx treats us with a heavy piece of prog. trance. Really one that got me to crank up the volume a bit. A dark bassline, with layered percussions, long echoing vocal stabs. I'd almost dare say this is Deep Dish or Nick Warren material. Not for everyone mind you, people that generally only like the mainstream pieces might find it a bit difficult to appreciate. It's repetitive, but without actually getting boring. I would hovever have strived to make it a bit shorter. Some parts get a bit too repetitive.

Technically good also, good mix, good samples. Really like that deep bassline. The basskick sounds a bit off somehow though. Sounds as if it's disting, although it isn't. I would try another sample there, perhaps one with a bit more click, and less of that slightly distin happy hardcore sound.

Then there's that really wicked melody played with instr 25. Really cool addition, almost sets the atmoshpere of the track on it's own. Only problem I have with that one is that it sounds as if it's shortly muted with regular intervalls (why the key-off in the pattern?). Makes it sound as if it's one longer sample that's restarted over every pattern, instead of an continuous repetition of a short sample.

Originality however, well, there's some to some extent. I doubt you'll forget this treatment for a while, especially if you're into the genre, but it does use it's share of standard elements (the repetitive, delayed vocal stabs for instance). But still, if it's prog. you want, look no further, this is almost as deep as it gets. What really got me going was that awesome melody in the break (instr 25). Simply elegant in it's simplicity.

(btw. listen to this one on a set of good speakers to really enjoy the deep bass :) )

Simplistic and somewhat repetitive track, but very atmospheric, well mixed, and good choice of high quality sounds.

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