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By fox

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+ Originality ;)

Right, weird in my ears, but weird in a way that, at least in the beginning, sounds cool. You definetly get the tokyo vibe in this track. Actually, somehow I started thinking about Shpongle when listening to this track, similar use of totally weird sounds to create an atmosphere. Shpongle aren't from Japan though...

Where to start on this one... well, sample quality is good, although the sampling frequency is variating. Low quality samples still work well with the tune. Madtracker seems familiar also, track fx is routed when possible, labels are used, the overall mix is good, and even though the clip indicator did go on in some cases there was no audible distortion that didn't sound intentional. The stereo mix is great also. If anything, this tune is a good example of the right way to use the stereofield to give both width and depth to the tune.

The song is a bit too long though. There's about 10 minutes of weird sounds with a drumcomp going.
Another thing that is somewhat missing is a red line running through the track. The theme changes at least three times during the 10 minutes. Well, maybe it's a medley, not sure since there are no clear melodies, just collections of melody snippets. Actually, mostly just drums with various vocals that are used as effects by speeding them up and so on...

I would have liked this tune, had it continued on the path it started on for the first minute or so. If the song would have been built on the theme of the first minute this could have been great. I have to plead ignorance though. I don't know the artist, don't know if this is supposed to represent music from Japan, or be an interpertation of the japanese way of life. This could be a great cultural interpretation, or just a collection of sounds. Credits go out though for the work this tune must have taken. It's massive for sure.

Overall, well, I liked the first couple of minutes, but then the helium voices and constant changes just got too much.

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