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Nothing Bad Could Happen

By Lolek

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Some trippy DnB(?) here, with a nice theme. Like the drums in this one. They have a good variation. Could be a bit more panned, but otherwise they're very cool. Also like instr. 1, really cool and sets a nice mood for the track. Also like instr. 0D, a nice trippy vibe in that loop. A pitty really that so much is done with loops, cause I would have loved to take this one appart.

instruments 0B and 0C I'm not that cool with. I don't think they fit the tune, and I think they destroy the mood by being totally out of tune (intentionally no doubt).

Well, would there be a bit more panning overall to give the track more width (it's pretty centered now, except for 0B & 0C), this could be really cool. It's no doubt worth a listen either way. Just wish I'd know if you've made the loops yourself or not. Not that it matters that much in this case, cause they're well used.

Nice drum programming, sweet melodics, but the track as such is quite simple - which is not a bad thing in this genre, but it's not unique enough to rank highly in a competition, I think.

Okay, the full title of this song is actually "Nothing Bad Could Happen To Someone Who Takes Care Of Cats," and I beg to differ. I mean, what about those stories you read about in the newspaper sometimes about the town "cat lady," whose house contains several dozen or even a hundred cats, with feces all over the floors and the neighbors complain about the smell and the lady gets evicted and half of the cats end up being euthanized at the pound. I mean, that sounds pretty bad, and it happens quite often, so obviously the ti--

Huh? What?

Oh, right. The song. Sorry...

{hits Play}

Hmm... just like that neighborhood cat lady, this song is weird. It's like minimalistic pop, if there can even be such a thing, with quirky samples, borderline-discordant melodies and chords, and creative percussion work. The results are highly original to be sure, but it's just too weird to be accessible. Heck, this song IS the neighborhood cat lady. You don't want to say anything bad about her because she doesn't really hurt anybody, but she's just so blasted weird, so you never visit her house or invite her over to yours, and you just kinda wave to her from the sidewalk while trying to avoid eye contact as you walk by. And you just know that someday you're going to have to sic the Health Department on her, but you're going to feel awful when you do. I mean, they're just cats, right? They can be so furry and cute when they're not trying to claw yo--

Dude! Okay, fine, sorry, back to reviewing the song. Geez, you're catty today...

I dunno. The song. Hmm... don't hate it, don't really like it either. Split the difference, I guess. 5.

And remember... stop those litters, spay your critters!

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