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I want You

By joe-silver

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hmm, some ibiza houseish stuff here. Has a typical, nice summery vibe going.

The track is perhaps a bit too repetitive, the same things get done over and over. The drums could use a bit more variation, but that's perhaps a bit hard when one drumloop is used for most of the set. Being a drumloop however they're variated pretty well. The drums again suffer from the issue of too little panning being used. Spread them out, and the track would have a whole new image.

The lead melody is a somewhat typical house thing. Pretty standard instruments used also. It works pretty well though, I at least enjoyed the ibiza like atmoshpere it created. Sample quality is good, and so are the levels when compared to each other. Overall though I think a bit more volume could have been pushed out of the samples, and without much effort also. Simply normalise the samples and adjust the levels in the sample tab or in the mixer instead.

The vocal samples worked great with this kind of track, they sunk right in with the rest. Especially instr. 15 worked well imo. Some of them were perhaps used a bit too much though.

Overall a cool summery house tune, but it suffers a bit from that "I've heard it before" feeling.

Nice pumping housetrack with a very professional sound. The track appears to be somewhat loopbased, but the artist still plays enough with the loops to make it varied. I expect this track will only rank top-20, as reviewers tend to be hard on loop users - I would have expected it to rank top-10, if it showed MadTracker doing more of the hard work, but we'll see .. my own score won't be affected by this.

Okay, pet peeve time... why do so many trackers feel the need to substitute a vocal-clip repeated ad-naseum for an actual melody? With "I Want You," Joe-Silver serves up a great example of why this doesn't work. Okay, to be fair, he uses several different clips instead of just 1, but the overall effect is still the same: a repetitive song that grates on my nerves in a very short time frame, and then continues to do so for 6-and-a-half aimless minutes.

There's just not much I can say about this tune. There's no real melody, very little variation in the percussion, a place-filler bassline, and the same basic rhythms in the backing synth-chords. Within the first minute of the song, you've pretty much heard everything you're going to hear.

The lone bright spot is production. The samples are all clean, and the production values are near-professional. Everything is sharp, clean, well-tuned and well-mixed. But the song itself is repetitive to the point of annoyance, and clocks in at slightly-below average for me.

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