MT2 Compo

A tribute to the lovely F-word

By Erno

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ok, once again we run down the road of typical trance. We have the intro with kick+bass only, a while in there's the little suggestion to what will come, then enter certain often used strings. A break, then the climax with everything pushing the limits. I pulled the master fader down to half, and still the clip indicator went on... I guess the author hasn't read the guidelines to a successfull entry that Inge so kindly put togheter. At least he should have mentioned what gain this should be played at. Anyway, the tune slows things down with the typical DJ friendly outro of kick+bassline and some fx.

Mixing, well, all faders pushed as high as they go, and the song is distorting. The basskick almost drowns under the heavy battery of strings and pads. Panning is pretty good however. Originality, nope, same structure as most commercial melodic trance. Same instruments pretty much also. Instrument quality, very variating, and it's audible sadly. Instr. 08 for instance should have been of higher quality, to give that extra crispness.

As often is the case these days, originality is what's lacking. However, people that like mainstream, probably like this one also. Just didn't do it for this judge...

Some bad samples, especially the hihats. Very nice chord progressions, which invoke warm feelings for sure, but the chords totally drown everything else - not a good mix.

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