MT2 Compo


By D Vibe

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+ Drums patterns, vocals - Loop at the end

right, jump into slow old acid house. It does get your feet moving. Has a sort of dark feeling, somewhat beginning 90's dance, which I guess is the idea.

The first thing to really hit you is the bassline, massive simply. Very nice one. The basskick on the other hand I feel could use a bit more oomph in the low end. Although it works well with the bass, it lacks power when it plays on it's own. Otherwise drumprogramming is good.

In general the mix is good, has a good balance. I'm not too sure about the vocals. On one hand they're of good quality, on the other hand I don't feel they bring much value to the song itself.

The hihats that run from one side to another are a bit puzzling, innovative on one hand, but on the other hand they do disturb the balance of the song a bit too much by running around like that.

Overall, has some cool elements, but also has some very usual elements. A nice piece though, worth the listen.

The dirty oldskool house sound was certainly achieved with this track, which almost takes my mind back to clubbing in the early 90s. The mix is quite good, but could be better in places, especially around the beginning of the track, where some sounds are way out of balance, and the kickdrum onset is way too steep. The last half of the song is especially dreamy - although the song is over five minutes long, those vocals and chords just make me wish the song would go on and on - all night long, baby! ;)

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