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Russian Dream

By theodor

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+ Theme, arrangements

Sounds like: emotional folk music?

Theo appearantly knew of my love for the Russian culture and history. The title 'russian dream' triggered my interest instantly, and - while rephrasing Dostojewski, Tolstoi and Doctor Zhivago - I started listening.

Very beautifully arranged melodies that actually are able to generate an atmosphere that feels very good. I saw the empty stores of Moscow during the communism, and Tsar Alexander II standing on the balcony while knowning that the october revolution would come. Gotta love it.
The instruments used sound very authentic (especially the garmonik). This song would be beautiful as a soundtrack for any dark 1950's movie. Trains leaving stations, children watching behind from their compartments.

Points of improvement:
Pattern 13-16 is the limit though. I suddenly fell back to pyjamas parties when I was 12 in the pub of the campingsite where I stayed with my parents. I heard the cheap keyboard player use his presets to generate a crapload of cheesy tunes to keep all people happy. Gladly it only takes four patterns.

a downtempo tune with a romantic atmosphere. I like the theme of the song, there's a sort of sentimental thing going on. The melodies are nice, and the lead instruments work well togheter.

I'm not too comfortable with the snare though. That short delay thing that's going on there isn't quite fitting the tune IMO. I would, instead of having a delay on there, just have a long reverb. Or perhaps instead of using a snare there, just use a rimshot, would perhaps work better with the rest of the tune.

The shift at pattern 1E sounds weird, too sudden. I'm sure there's a better way to end this tune.

The samples as such are of good quality, which is a bonus of course. The mix seems pretty good also, well balanced. The shaker is a bit loud perhaps, and I'm not sure the panning of the guitar from the left to the right in the beginning is that good. Also, I feel there's a bit too much reverb going on, especially in the beginning.

Overall, nice tune, has a calming effect.

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