MT2 Compo

Simply The Mad

By DjRicoz

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Trance, basic trance is what I'd call this tune. It has all the elements, starting from the intro with drums and some minimal fx and melodylines. Enter the mandatory break, buildup into the basic trance strings, with the basic structure, some cheesy vocal line, end up with the drums+bassline only outro for easy DJ mixing.

Samples are of variating quality, and it shows in the mix. The song sounds muddy. More time should have been put into finding good high quality samples. That would probably have boosted the overall quality of this song.

The mix is pretty ok however. No instrument is way off the charts, and no instrument is inaudible.
One cool thing about this tune is the insect sound used in the intro, well implemented, and a cool idea.

In the end, this tune is not much to write home about. If you hear it in a club you might dance to it, but you'll forget it the minute the DJ cues the next song. It's simply too cheesy. Please find a more original path to walk.

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