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Alone (Ambient Mix)

By Petter

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Ambient it says, ambient it is. Perhaps leaning thowards chillout/downtempo more though. Has a somewhat sentimental atmoshpere.

The bass is my biggest problem here. I'm not convinced this was a very good choice in sample. But besides that, I think the decay of the bass is a bit too long. It's hard to tell the hits, but still you know they're there because they get more audible on the high notes. I'd try giving the bass a faster decay to emhpasise the hits on new notes. Now it just sounds like a low rumble, especially when playing C-4, which is played pretty much.

I like the flute playing, nice melody, but sometimes perhaps a bit predictable. Get this "I've heard it before" feeling.
Not sure the kick is the right one for this kind of music. I'd use something with less of a 303ish click.

Except for the strings, everything seems more or less centered. A bit more panning on the instruments could be good.

Overall, it's a nice piece. The atmoshpere is good, but the bass, please do something about it because it's killing the mood...

Petter Nordlander's "Alone" is a languid, listless fantasy composition that is simply too slow and too calm. Though containing no major mistakes, it simply doesn't hold my interest at all.

The structure of the song is extremely simple, with 1 chord progression, 2 basic melodies, and simple 1-note bass progressions over distracting ocean sound effects. The song introduces the background elements through a slow fade-in for about the first minute, then adds in its limp melodies, goes to a lengthy filler section, and reprises the melody one last time before crawling to a conclusion after a 5-minute length.

There's one moment of the song that shows some promise for the artist however. The initial melody is carried by a synth-chime with a flute sample fading in with a harmony in the background. He then slowly makes the flute more and more prominent while slowly fading out the synth-chime, and then at some indeterminate time the flute actually crosses over from harmony to melody, with the synth-chime now taking a back seat. It's a nifty little moment, and a sign of the sort of creativity Petter Nordlander could bring to a more exciting melody.

But overall, "Alone" is simply too slow and simple. It lacks punch, power and emotion, and comes across as simply average.

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