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By Mo Ti

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+ Theme, arrangements

Sounds like: Evanescence / Lacuna Coil without the singer

Very catchy main theme. Lacuna Coil would definately steal it. Keep it locked away safely :)
Amazing sound quality with impressive integration of guitars, synths, and (wicked! wicked!) drumming.
Real aggression. Never heard such a thing inside a tracked environment. This is an eye-opener for me concerning what MT can do.

Points of attention:
The bridge (pattern 0A till 0F) could be a bit longer, and could be a bit more melancholical-heavy (deep strings, choir (?), vocal fx). The contrast between the fluid main theme and the impressive bridge could be beautiful.

Mo Ti treats us with some rock, with a few interesting elements.

I like the bells in the intro. They give a nice contrast to what comes after. The lead that enteres there however I'm a bit uncertain about. I think it souns a bit too clean compared to the other instruments. On one hand this also gives a nice contrast, but on the other it simply sticks out too much imo. Perhaps if you added a small amount of distortion on it would help things a bit.

The track has good power. Just the kind of power you want from this kind of track I'd say. The guitars are well made with this in mind. The bass however seems to get a bit lost under the mass of distortion and guitars. Sometimes I get a glimse of the basshits, but most of the time I'm unaware of any bassline.

Panning is well done here also. Sometimes there are some weird occassions where a hihat for instance will be further out in the right channel than usual. The snare could perhaps be abit further to the left, but other than that everything works well.

Sample quality is variating, but it seems Mo Ti has been able to pick the right places to cut corners, because in the track I can't notice the low quality samples.

Overall, cool track. Not perhaps my cup of tea quite, but definetly worth a listen anyway.

Very different from most tracked music, and for that I'll bump the global score up a notch - but other than that, I find nothing really extraordinary about this track.

"Badlands" by Mo Ti is an ambitious demostyle-rock hybrid that I wish I could like more. The song is held back from its full potential by its short playing time and by its lack of melodic depth.

The song is primarily driven by a soaring demo-synth melody that really sounds spectacular. But there's a catch... every time that melody is used, it's played the exact same way, with no changes whatsoever. Given how much attention Mo Ti gives to varying up the chord progressions, the percussion and the overall feel of the song, neglecting the melody in this regard seems rather odd and truly limits the impact of this song.

As it is, that impact is still significant. The demo-synth melody flies over a soundscape of heavily distorted guitars and rock-style drumming, and the results are powerful indeed. Mo Ti does a good job of taking the song in different directions to mix things up, though the transitions feel a bit forced, and the sections which drop the synth and focus on the guitars have an air of filler about them, as if something else was needed to really complete the sound.

The song's length is a factor, and I think that ties into the static melody. Because the melody never changes or evolves, Mo Ti seemed to sense that he could only use it a few times, which accounts for the short 2:41 length. Had he developed the melody more, he could've done much more with this song and fleshed it out to 4 or 5 minutes.

Despite its flaws, "Badlands" is still certainly an enjoyable piece of music. For the demo-rock concept alone, it's worth checking out.

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