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Turn the sky all blue

By TNK & Caillean

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+ Vocals, theme, tracked guitar - Mix

Sounds like: Eurovision Song festival alike pop

-I can't recall ever heard such a song in a MadTracker environment. Actually, I can't recall ever heard anything like this in any other environment than the Eurovision Song Festival. The originality (and guts, for the matter) are valuable.
-The technical side of this song is good. Extensive and constructive usage of the possibilities of MadTracker.

Points of attention:
-Being a typical Eurovision Song festival song, it lacks a distinct theme, and contains average vocals that are pronounced in a quite incorrect English phonetic system. It even contains the transposition at the end of the song.
-The worst problem is the lack of a distinct theme. The theme that I can find, is not appealing. It doesn't motivate me to think of blue skies, but merely of music that I would like to listen instead of this song.
-The song lacks speed. It goes soo slow. The drums, the vocals, the easylistening samples, everything is focused on generating some sort of laidback-pop environment. Try going to 120 bpm; it gets more interesting that way.
-The vocals are odd. Both the bad English-French accent as the dream-alike way of singing lack conviction and power to impress.

A pop ballad you won't hear often being produced in Madtracker. A pop ballad with vocals that actually work most of the time is even more unusual. I glad TNK took my advice from last year and found himself a singer in Julie.

I guess I'll start with the vocals, since they are the ones that stand out the most compared to other tracks. As I said, they work most of the time. I'm a bit confused about the panning in some cases. It seems there's a stereo delay on the vocals, and they're allowed to throw the vocals from one channel to the other for short intervalls at times. This gets a bit irritating, I would have prefered either a mono delay, or then a delay that won't be so obvious about where the signal goes. I also wonder if TNK hasn't used autotune to correct some of the vocal passages. There is a slight Cher effect going on sometimes, if it's intentional or not I don't know, but it disturbs the balance of the song.

But in general I must say, TNK managed to find a good singer in Julie, although her pronounciation isn't the best (yet). If it's really true she's only recently started learning english, I'm wondering what we'd hear in a year or two. TNK grabbed the mic this time also, and must say he's improved quite a bit. But still, sorry mate, take some singing lessons if you plan to continue using your own voice ;) Perhaps it would have been better if the vocals would have been sung in french (even if it means some listeners might not understand it), because the words have a tendency of sounding forced to fit so to speak. Sometimes they lack a natural flow.

The background then, the music is very nice. It has a typical ballad feeling, it's well mixed, and the samples are of good quality. I especially like the guitar melody in the beginning. If there's one thing I'd like changed it's the drumsamples. Sometimes, they sound a bit too electronic for this kind of music I believe. The tomtoms especially suffer from this effect.

Actually I don't know what I could say more about this song, it's good. If you're into ballads, then get this one. If not, get it anyway, cause you won't find many other songs with full vocals done in madtracker. There is some room for improvement also though.

"Turn The Sky All Blue" sounds like it wants to be exotic, enchanting and profoundly uplifting, and the potential is there. Musically, the song flows along in a way that is simultaneously relaxing and exciting. Unfortunately, the mood is hampered by poor mixing and sub-pro sample quality, and is almost derailed entirely by home-made singing samples that simply do not cut it.

The vocals are credited to both TNK and Caillean, and they sound like they're singing their hearts out here. However, there are just too many times when they struggle with maintaining both correct pitch and tempo to be ignored. Making matters worse, the words are also almost impossible to understand due to the combination of their thick French accents, absurdly heavy reverb on the vocals, and muddy mixing on the song overall. Caillean does redeem herself somewhat in the refrain, with her accent lending an exotic air to the song, but this just makes her poor performance on the verses and bridge even more mystifying.

I want to like this song, I really do. In the hands of someone with a better singing voice, this could sound absolutely wonderful. But as the song stands now, TNK and Caillean either needed to practice singing this a bit more or concentrate on simply writing good songs.

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