"Physical Attraction" by pelleb

Physical Attraction

by pelleb

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Originality: 7/10Technical: 9/10
Theme: 9/10Quality: 9/10
Arrangement: 7/10Global: 8/10

Genre: 80's pop meets 00 dance

This tune has an extreme energetic vibe going on. Madonna or Kylie Minogue would love to do something with this track. If the lead synth was a voice, then this would rock the charts. The production is superb: crispy, full, balanced and energetic. The main theme is great. It gets a bit boring though, since its more than five minutes long. If it would only contain this beautifully arranged, slightly psychedelic bridge between 2.30 and 4.00, with an extra powerfull return of the main theme, then this track would blow me away.
Originality: 5/10Technical: 5/10
Theme: 7/10Quality: 5/10
Arrangement: 5/10Global: 5/10

The opening chords made me think of this song called 'kylie' wich was a big summer hit here in Holland, it's eurodance time with Physical Attraction by pelleb.

The whole track works around the main melody in quite a nice way. I realy don't like eurodance let that be clear, but I like the way that everyting in this track has a pupuose, to support the main melody as much as possible.
Now that main melody sticks in your head quite nicely :)

But, I think you could have made some more work in terms of the sound, it realy sounds kinda cheap right now, maby using some more up to date drum sounds could do the trick, or some nice applyed compresion or filter effect to give the track a bit more bite.
Also the ending could use some work...

Keep it up!
Originality: 2/10Technical: 3/10
Theme: 2/10Quality: 3/10
Arrangement: 1/10Global: 2/10

I for one started thinking of schlager music almost right away. The track has this very general and cheesy feeling to it and follows some very familiar ground as far as melodystructures go.

The lead melody and the way it's played sounds forced often. To be honest, it's irritating at times. It sounds like a singer trying to sing to fast and on top of that hit high notes he/she shouldn't be near. The track is too long considering the material also. I would probably have had enough for 2 or 3 minutes, but not really for the 5+ minutes it's running now. Because even though the melody played is variating, it ends up being boring very quickly. The break at 3:05 about would have been a suitable ending I think.

The drums programming is your basic schlager setup, an upbeat dance thingy. It sounds like a drumloop you get when you press dance on a Casio keyboard. Overall I think the drumsamples are a bit low in quality also. The drums are basically good as far as internal volume balance goes, but the lead tends to drown them. Lowering the lead would be a good idea.

In the end, I think the Casio reference would be what describes this track best. It sounds as if one hit play on a basic Casio background loop and then found the string sample and startet playing and recording.
TNK / ATK project
Originality: 6/10Technical: 6/10
Theme: 10/10Quality: 8/10
Arrangement: 7/10Global: 8/10

Originality: 6/10 <--- Within the genre
Theme: 10/10
Arrangement: 7/10
Technical: 6/10
Quality: 8/10
Global: 8/10

Hey, my high school years are back ! Euro feva tonite !!!! Pelle B is in the place !
Well, as an eurodance lover, I immediately noticed this track. This will not keep me from being harsh where I have to be...

Originality : Has eurodance ever been original ? I don't think I should even review this one based on "originality" criterias as Pelle B obviously chose to write a commercial, and therefore "formatted" track, and it's his right to do so. Anyway, within the euro genre, it's not more unoriginal than most tracks are, and has even some (rare) originalities. Therefore I ranked it just a little bit above the average. Besides this I would say that this genre *requires* vocals to be working. If only you had a good vocalist...

Theme : A-W-E-S-O-M-E euro melody ! This is definitely the big plus of this song. Great chord structure and progression, and immediately memorizable melody. Perfect song structure. It's ultra catchy ! Wonderful composing work within the euro genre. Definitely one of the songs I'll forward to some producers once the compo results will be public, and not the smallest ones in the place. Pelle, if you have more of this stuff, let me know, there are some composer deals to be signed here...

Arrangement : Working, but nothing exceptionnal here. Slightly above the average anyway. You could have put some more imagination into it. Add song weirder sounds here and there... You're an awesome composer, but you've still got some arrangement tricks to learn like adding weird sounds here and there, gimmicks and stuff like this.

Technical : Ever heard about VST ? By using the VST plugins that were allowed, this song could have been 100 times better than it already is... Looks like pre-VST tracked stuff. You can't imagine what wonders Superwave and Synth 1 can do within eurodance music ! Too bad that the use of too "cute" samples make the whole sound like some general midi conversion of some euro hit, whereas it could have become an euro hit with proper production behind it. My advice : Learn to master the sound engeneering aspects of music making or team up with a good sound engeneer and your productions will become the hits they desserve to become.

Quality : Despite all the flaws described above, the ultra catchy melody saves it all and therefore the song should be considered as a must by all euro freaks around.

Global : A good composer with average technical skills remains... a good composer.

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