"Wonder - Jimm the Dog" by Jimm

Wonder - Jimm the Dog

by Jimm

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Originality: 7/10Technical: 6/10
Theme: 7/10Quality: 8/10
Arrangement: 6/10Global: 7/10

I like the potential of this track. Too bad it ended up being perhaps a bit underdeveloped. Other good points in this track are the drums. I like the snappines of them. Especially the kick would be really good if it had a bit more mid frequencies in it. It tends to disappear a bit behind the bassline now. The snare could have a bit more punch also I think.

I got a bit bored with the background melody. The choice in lead instrument was a bit off imo. It made it all sound a bit too hectic compared to the rest of the track.

This track a kind of cinema feel to it. Could work as part of a soundtrack to a thriller maybe. A good effort, but with some quirks it's not bound to be king of the hill this time.
TNK / ATK project
Originality: 5/10Technical: 4/10
Theme: 4/10Quality: 4/10
Arrangement: 5/10Global: 4/10

Originality: 5
Theme: 4
Arrangement: 5
Technical: 4
Quality: 4
Global: 4

Nice sounds (tnx Superwave!) does not automatically make great songs... and this is this song's case.
After some quite light intro, we have something that is over repetitive, with a quite poor mixing (get us that bassdrum stronger and give the bass a clearer mix).

The author claims it's his 1st song done with MT2 and well, I don't know if he has experienced other trackers before as this one still show some tracking abilities, I think it is poorly mixed and does not offer any clear build up.

Hints :
- Look how the best entrants mixed their works.
- Learn from the same entrants how great progressions are built : A song has to take you from a point A to a point B whereas your entry always turns around the same stuff. I think that without superwave, the poorness of this entry would have been felt even more.

Sorry for being harsh, but I think that I have to tell the truth to allow you to improve your tracking and musical skills.

To end up on a positive note I'ld say that the melody used in the intro and... well, everywhere else, works kinda well, but not as a main theme, or the sound should evolve much more than it actually does.

Also something that I'll probably copy-paste 3 billion times within this reviewing process : NAME YOUR TRACKS ! This would give your audiance and us judges a better view of how your track is built, will help newbies to learn how to use MT and to beat you in next year's compo :)

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