"Resistance" by koes


by koes


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Originality: 4/10Technical: 4/10
Theme: 3/10Quality: 4/10
Arrangement: 3/10Global: 4/10

I'm not quite sure how to approach this track. On one hand it's very simplistic, on the other hand that's probably the point. I revolves around a kick and a simple bassline, then adds melodies and submelodies to that. Because the bassline get's so much attention, the track sounds a bit muddy. I think there is an unbalance between the bass and the rest of the instruments. They would need to be higher in volume I think. Now they sink into the background.

The track in the end feels very repetitive and long when listening to it actively. The reason is not because it wouldn't variate leads and melodies. The reason is because the bassline is simple, but still very penetrating. It overshadows most other instruments. In short, the bassline should perhaps be reconsidered in some way. Either try lowering volumes, perhaps changing the lines a bit or at least giving the audience a break from it.
Bottom line, as background music this track could work, for active listening it's too long and repetitive.
TNK / ATK project
Originality: 5/10Technical: 6/10
Theme: 4/10Quality: 5/10
Arrangement: 6/10Global: 5/10

Originality: 5
Theme: 4
Arrangement: 6
Technical: 6
Quality: 5
Global: 5

The first Indonesian techno I ever hear :-)
And I must say that while this track is too repetitive and the arrangement a bit thin except maybe in background synths, the overall arrangement works more or less.

Some high synths (row 7, "synth") are not really good (they are an attempt at doing a lead melody, but an attempt only : more catchiness is required for that exercice).

The looping techno bass & drums is however not bad and I like how the instruments come & go. The basics of techno composition are there.
For sure by far not the worst entry, not the best neither, an average+ entry.

Hints : You now master the basics of techno music, but if you want to do it in this musical field, work out the following things :
- Harder drum & bass lines (even if I like your bassdrum. Soft and kicking at the same time).
- Evolution, "build up" of the track : A great techno track is based on loops that have always evolving parameters (filter cutoff,...).
- High synths melodies : the ones that have those fast patterns in great techno music.

But I'm sure you can manage to do it, and once it will have learned what I call the "advanced tricks" required to become a pro techno musician, be sure your music will set Jakarta's dancefloors on fire !
Originality: 5/10Technical: 4/10
Theme: 4/10Quality: 5/10
Arrangement: 3/10Global: 4/10

a basic house (?) track that doesnt really do a lot.

originality - a sort of house track which sounds empty and quite amateurish for some reason. the random melodies thrown in dont do much for a very basic intro (too long), middle, outro.
theme - not sure what mood was being attempted but the repetive bass is repetitive without being driving. the sparse melody and basic pads dont do much to lift the track.
arrangement - as above, very basic with little variation throughout.
technical - use of vsts, some mt fx but not much else. using an eq, exciter, a synth for the bass (evm for example) automation on the pads and lead to give them some variation and movement, and some filtering to bring in changes would be a huge benefit. changing the bassline at some point in the track would be good as well.
quality - nothing stands out as really bad, but the perc samples sound unsuitable for the track (a chunkier snare/clap combo would be good), better hihats and some more fill would work as well. delay on the bassline would make it a little more interesting, a much fatter kick and an analogue style saturation plugin would make the whole mix a lot more suitable for the tune. also some distortion on a main theme would be nice.

overall nothing to shout about, and ultimately got quite annoying due to the repeated bassline. but the basics are there, and with some work on structure, percussion and working on the mixing would bring this track up a lot.

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