"Exo Genus - El Gringo" by exogenus

Exo Genus - El Gringo

by exogenus

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 Ogg Vorbis version

Originality: 9/10Technical: 6/10
Theme: 8/10Quality: 5/10
Arrangement: 8/10Global: 8/10

Genre: crossover breakbeat
Interesting track where spanish guitars and mediterranean toms meet oldschool breakbeat. The hardcore sawsynth after the first minute works nice, although it's somewhat boring due to the absence of effects on it to implement changes. Biggest problem are the beats, which lack the necessary strength & punch to give real power and energy to this track.

The concept is nevertheless very nice. The combination of the guitars, the very effective vocal sample, the main idea, the song structure and the variation gives rise to a very promising track. A higher level of quality for the samples (lead sawsynth and the beats) and better mixing would make this a massive track.
Originality: 9/10Technical: 7/10
Theme: 8/10Quality: 9/10
Arrangement: 8/10Global: 8/10

A definite breath of fresh air, that's what this track is. It combines latino/spanish vibes with some interesting drums and electronic sounds. Some good guitar riffs in there also. In general this track has a good energy to it. I also like the little detail of the "hey" shout in chorus, adds to the good vibe I think.

The mixing is good also. For once, I think, the fact that most people use at least two speakers when listening to music has been used to benefit the music. The instruments have a place and are happy with it.

It get's a bit repetitive though, even though it does a good effort in trying not to. Mainly it's that the same guitar melodies are played all the time. It would work if they would be a bit longer, but since were talking about a loop that is about 10 seconds long, we get a lot of repeats on it.

From a technical pow. I was a bit dissapointed to see that the drums were mostly made using drumloops. But not knowing this, the drums worked well so I guess one can at least say they were good loops.

Overall, a good piece, definetly one that stands out. It could have benefited from being a bit shorter though.
TNK / ATK project
Originality: 9/10Technical: 6/10
Theme: 4/10Quality: 6/10
Arrangement: 7/10Global: 5/10

Originality: 9
Theme: 4
Arrangement: 7
Technical: 6
Quality: 6
Global: 5

Ole ? Baila toda la noche El Gringo ?
Some Latin music mixed with modern D&B beats. Interesting.
Cool (but way too repetitive) synth leads.
Great percussions... too bad they are big samples & not tracked...
"Hey !" vocals that sound more russian than spanish...
Some nice arrangement ideas.

This one has many drawbacks too :
- No distinct melody.
- Blury guitar samples
- Too repetitive to my ears.
- The whole stuff seems unclear. The guitar seems out of phase with the tracked instruments.

My hints : Keep your creativity and focus more on (catchy) melodies (if you like latin music as this song seems to show, you should know that latin melodies are to be extremely catchy) and on the sound engeneering aspects of music producing. The whole stuff seems blury and seems to go nowhere, and this does not work for me...

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