"2 bez vst" by DeftAphid

2 bez vst

by DeftAphid


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Originality: 9/10Technical: 8/10
Theme: 6/10Quality: 7/10
Arrangement: 8/10Global: 8/10

Genre: glitch/IDM
Clearly inspired by the current Autechre-sound. Very professional composition concerning variations in patterns. Intriguing contrast between slow, dark, Satie-alike pads and industrial sounds & beats. Sometimes a bit chaotic, due to sudden volume differences and the density of the sound. Would benefit from a clearer and more distinct main theme.
Originality: 7/10Technical: 7/10
Theme: 2/10Quality: 5/10
Arrangement: 3/10Global: 6/10

2 bez vst is a more experimental kind of track.
I realy like the work on this track in terms of the tracking. It utilizes multiple techniques that I didn't realy knew of, so thanks for that!

But, I think it's a shame that you didn't use any of madtrackers effects, sure a delay and verb you use but, I kinda miss some wierd VST plugins or some programmed filter action or stuff like that, it could realy spice up the track.

In terms of composition, I can't realy sense where you want to go with the track, it's almost purely beat based, but the track lacks an edding, maby working on that will add more structure to the track, when working with pure beat music ( thus structure ) that can realy give the track an edge...

Keep it up!
Originality: 7/10Technical: 8/10
Theme: 6/10Quality: 9/10
Arrangement: 8/10Global: 8/10

It took me a long while until I finally figured out what sounded so familiar with this track. Then it hit me: Aphex Twinish sound structures. That is, not that much melodic content, but more blips and clicks that form a coherent soundscape. I must admit I'm not the biggest fan of the Aphex Twin phenomenon. Nevertheless, this is a well crafted tune with all it's twisters. The mix is good, all instruments seem to find their place. There are some instances where I thought individual instruments were a bit too loud compared to the rest. The piano chord at 2:48 about for instance was a bit too loud I think.

Overall, a technically well crafted tune and well worth the listen even if the genre is not quite my cup of tea.
TNK / ATK project
Originality: 5/10Technical: 3/10
Theme: 1/10Quality: 3/10
Arrangement: 3/10Global: 2/10

Originality: 5/10 <-- Within the genre
Theme: 1/10
Arrangement: 3/10
Technical: 3/10
Quality: 3/10
Global: 2/10

Not much 2 say about that entry. Very experimental stuff. Too experimental for me. The rhodes piano are the only plus point in the song, atleast to my ears. No distinct theme, seemingly randomly entered notes... no evolution.
It was sure fun 2 track, but to get someone listening to this (and enjoying it) will be much harder...

If this entry was a joke then why not, but for me it does not work. Of course, it is different from mainstream stuff... but not that different from the hundreds of other wanna-be experimental tracks that can be found all over the world, so even in what should be it's plus point - the originality - it's not that extraordinary...

My hint : Even if you want to try experimental stuff, do it by showing musical skills. Songs like "Unlimited lives on" that are in that compo are quite experimental too, but still sounds like something worked out, and therefore got good grades for me...

Also something that I'll probably copy-paste 3 billion times within this reviewing process : NAME YOUR TRACKS ! This would give your audiance and us judges a better view of how your track is built, will help newbies to learn how to use MT and to beat you in next year's compo :)

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