"Urbanism (Synop)" by Synop

Urbanism (Synop)

by Synop


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Originality: 6/10Technical: 3/10
Theme: 6/10Quality: 4/10
Arrangement: 7/10Global: 6/10

Urbanism is a easy listening tune by Synop.

To start of I realy like the way you play with the bassline in the different parts of the song, also most of the drum sounds are alright.
It's just that I can't realy hear any of them because the trompet synth is just SO loud :)
Also the trumpet is quite an rich sound in terms of harmonics so when it plays it clutters the whole frequency spectrum, maby you could try aplying a high-pass filter to it assign it to his own place in the freq-spectrum.

but other than that it's quite a decent entry!

Keep it up!
Originality: 3/10Technical: 3/10
Theme: 6/10Quality: 4/10
Arrangement: 4/10Global: 5/10

This track has a very melancholic and depressing sound to it. Nothing wrong with that, they can't all be happy. It all sounds a bit typical though. I might have some prejudice, but this track immediately got me thinking of East Europe. This kind of the sun ain't shining melody is just what I picture coming from those regions.

The biggest enemy this track has is the mixing and sample quality. Some instruments get way too much space. I'm talking about what seems to be a horn of a kind. It drowns everything else when it's playing. On top of that it doesn't sound very good. In fact, I think a lot in this track could be fixed by simply lowering the volume of that horn and choosing another more subtle sample to play that melody. Because when that horn ain't playing, things actually seem to fall into place pretty well.
TNK / ATK project
Originality: 4/10Technical: 5/10
Theme: 4/10Quality: 4/10
Arrangement: 4/10Global: 4/10

Originality: 4
Theme: 4
Arrangement: 4
Technical: 5
Quality: 4
Global: 4

80's pop, with some digital synths elements mixed with analog synth emulation...

Positive points :
- Clearly defined sounds : No obvious frequency overlaps.
- Good samples.

Negative points :
- Mixing : The melody is much too loud ! I'ld like stronger drum & basslines. Mixing is a tough issue, but it's an issue no musician can avoid.
- Melody that lacks of catchiness. This is also due to the arrangement which is too light and that does not sustain the melody as a good arrangement should.
- Too unoriginal sounds for a too unoriginal use --> too unoriginal song.

To be true, I couldn't really get into this one, as it provides me no real emotion (except boredom...). This is mainly due to the fact this song has no clear buildup, no clear progression and worst of all, no clear soul. It's a demo of what softsynths can do... Sorry, I didn't like it.

Hints : Besides taking lessons on mixing issues from the top entries, if you want to make some theme driven music as you obviously wanted to do with this entry, your theme has to be extremely catchy, the kind of theme that stays in your head all day long. And even in that case, the arrangement should be there to sustain it, and not to be overwhelmed by it. Bring some more subtilities in your songs, make us discover something new at each pattern, provide us some could I explain it...

The best exercice I could adivse you to do is to cover one of your favorite songs (whatever it's genre is) in MT and to work on it until you acheive to create a sound that is as appealing as the original song, and then take a look at what you did.

I hope this will help you to improve for next year's compo.

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