"Deviation by sequence" by SnowAngel

Deviation by sequence

by SnowAngel


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 Ogg Vorbis version

Originality: 6/10Technical: 5/10
Theme: 6/10Quality: 5/10
Arrangement: 4/10Global: 5/10

Well, the intro sure promised something interesting. I like that fast filter sweep. Too bad it's there more or less all the time in the background, because too much of it and it get's a bit irritating. Overall the track lacks some in clarity, most of which could probably be remedied with better samples or some eq'ing.

The track is on a good way to create something really energetic. The drumdepartment fails to deliver completely though. The patterns are variating and good, but the drums in general lack energy and punch. Try for instance to make the kick a bit more snappier, it sounds sloppy now. The snare is a bit better, but could also use a bit more punch. The bassline sometimes has the same problem as the kick with being too sloppy. It works well in the calmer regions of the track, but when it's playing fast it tends to sound messy. My suggestion is to have a shorter decay on it when it's playing the fast notes to make it snappier also.

Overall a nice track. It won't be in the top run, but it does show some potential, so keep it up.
TNK / ATK project
Originality: 6/10Technical: 7/10
Theme: 6/10Quality: 7/10
Arrangement: 6/10Global: 6/10

Originality: 6
Theme: 6
Arrangement: 6
Technical: 7
Quality: 7
Global: 6

Analog synthlead arpeggios, early 90's fashioned orch-hits, a drumline coming in... No doubt we're into some classical demo music... using today's VST possibilities however.
Too bad the whole stuff is too repetitive, altough some slight originalities come in here and there.

Towards the middle, the song evolves a bit, but the always repeated synthlead arpeggio that I described above stays all time and is mixed way to loud, making the whole mix extremely muddy, despite the very clear sounds coming out of the used softsynths.

Too bad as this contestant obviously knows how to handle a tracker and get the best out of it.

My hints : Work your structures more out, and don't let the instruments overlap each other too much, because the result of this gives a song that is muddy & messy, whereas each individual part works quite well.
Also use the modern technology to provide us stronger basses. A good strong bassline & a kicking bassdrum are really missing in this entry.

An average to good entry. Nothing exceptional, just a bit above the average, atleast to my ears.

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