"Theo /Classic Tirol Waltzer/" by theodor

Theo /Classic Tirol Waltzer/

by theodor

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Originality: 8/10Technical: 10/10
Theme: 10/10Quality: 10/10
Arrangement: 10/10Global: 9/10

Genre: classical waltz
It's nothing more than amazing to see this module in action, since this is the best attempt ever to create a classical waltz in a tracker. It's a pompeous and skillfully crafted piece of beautiful music with a distinct baroque atmosphere. It generates images of dance halls in the French castles during the 18th century. Beautiful samples & production. Possibly most impressive entry this year. Very nice applause & audience at the start and the end. Marvellous.
Originality: 10/10Technical: 3/10
Theme: 5/10Quality: 4/10
Arrangement: 6/10Global: 5/10

Grab your bradwurst und get your beer! It's walz time with Theodor's Classic Tirol Waltzer!

What to say...

These compositions are all pretty documented and layed out over time so there isn't realy much you can add to the whole concept. But it is nice to hear it comming out of madtracker.
The sounds are a bit dated but work well, and the trumpet sounds nice!

I realy had a laugh and I think it's nice!

Keep it up!
Originality: 9/10Technical: 8/10
Theme: 9/10Quality: 7/10
Arrangement: 9/10Global: 9/10

This must be one of the best representation of classical music I've heard produced in a tracker. Simply wow! The theme and athmosphere is simply great.

The only thing that is really pulling this down is the clapping of the audience in the beginning and end. They don't reach the same level of quality as the rest of the track. You can hear the sample has been doubled in order to make it sound fuller. Although it does contribute to setting the atmoshpere some, I think I would have left the clapping out completely.
On another note, the cymbal/crash is a bit weak imo. It doesn't hold up against the other instruments. Hard to explain, but it should be fuller somehow I think. Also, it has a tendency to cut short when it's hit repeatedly. In other words, the previous crash doesn't play to the end when the next crash hits. Sounds wrong somehow.

In the end I'm sure this track is among the top 10 at least. As far as tracking goes, it surely is in a pretty unique class.
TNK / ATK project
Originality: 10/10Technical: 10/10
Theme: 10/10Quality: 9/10
Arrangement: 10/10Global: 10/10

Originality: 10/10 (within the MT world)
Theme: 10/10
Arrangement: 10/10
Technical: 10/10
Quality: 9/10
Global: 10/10

Austria, here we come !

After taking us to Russia last year, Theodor takes us to Austria this year. Altough the whole ambiance of the track makes me more feel like I were sitting in a concert hall in Vienna than the Tyrol area, a place where the typical stuff is more something like "Schlager" folk songs a la Hansi Hinterseer, I must say that :

- It is definitely one of the most original tracks of this compo, hard to compare to any other entries, it's style being so different from the roughly 99% electronic driven stuff we have to review here.
- One must have some serious balls to try to put such music in a tracker and then to post in in an electronic music compo. Atleast with me, this courrage gets rewarded.
- Not only does he try to do something for what a tracker is not designed for (Waltz music) but also manages to acheive his goal. This track in itself is the best answer to give to those bastards who think that there's no room for trackers outside electronica.
- The theme works damn well within this genre. It is in no way worse than the other Waltz music I can hear on german TV sometimes (I must admit I do not listen to such music a lot, but from what I heard, I can tell you your track could definitely make within this genre and, if you allow me to do it, I'll send your track to a producer who does publishes such music once the compo results will be out).

The samples are simple (never tought you could acheive to do such great stuff without 10 megs large multisampled instruments...all instruments only use 1 sample !) but work extremely well together, setting the right mood for this kind of music. Excellent job Theodor !

The arrangement work in this one is awesome. The work of a great orchestral arrangeur. Doing such great stuff out of so little samples and no "presampled stuff" (yep, everything but the applauses is tracked!) is just simply awesome.

I hesited on the technical note as this song makes almost no use of this years main MT enhencement : the VST stuff. But I must admit that there are almost no VST instruments that could have been handy for this one, and only a few effects that Theodor uses. And anyway, just listen to the piece itself, I think not much more is required. So well, he did a better job than most other entries did with less technical artefacts. This means that Theodor masters the arts of tracking at a level only few producers have reached so far. Therefore my 10 is definitely well desserved.

The only drawback is it's length : Less than 3 minutes. Definitely very short...This explains that I "only" gave a 9/10 in terms of quality (no one is perfect :( ).

Anyway, one of the top 3 entries. Definitely.
What are you waiting to download this masterpiece ?

Personnal opinion : This one's gonna win this year...

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