"Parallax" by ahegner


by ahegner

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Originality: 7/10Technical: 6/10
Theme: 6/10Quality: 8/10
Arrangement: 7/10Global: 7/10

Alexandre Hegner uses cristal clear sounds to create a good atmosphere and good production within his track Parallax, along with his friend playing guitar this track flows real nicely to your ears.

All the sounds are pleasant to listen to and are quite small so they don't interfere with each other.
On the melodic side things are ok aswell so let's focus on the production side.

As I said every instrument clearly has his own place within the mix. This works good but it also creates a very clinical experience, the sounds are so far from eachother in terms of spectral character that they don't realy fit together. Try to make things just a little bit more dirty or add some noise to the synths to give the track a bit more depth.

But other than that the track is well produced, keep it up!
Originality: 6/10Technical: 5/10
Theme: 7/10Quality: 6/10
Arrangement: 5/10Global: 6/10

Downtempo, going towards ambient. A bit Café del Mar over the track. The leads play a variating repetoar, but sound a bit dry at times. They could use a bit more reverb. I like the guitar. It's a shame it didn't play more. It had a bit of Dire Straits over it. I especially like the solo that comes in after 4 minutes about.

The snare sounds a bit missplaced in this track. It does not have enough power to be a real snare (which I wouldn't want it to be either), yet it's not far away enough not to be though of as a snare. I think the choice of instrument is wrong here. A better choice would probably have been a rimshot of some kind.
Overall the track is a bit quiet. I appreciate the artist not running in the loudness race, but I believe more volume could have been pushed out of all instruments easily.

As background music this track works. For active listening though it doesn't demand your attention enough. Thumbs up for the guitar solos though.
TNK / ATK project
Originality: 10/10Technical: 10/10
Theme: 9/10Quality: 9/10
Arrangement: 10/10Global: 10/10

Originality: 10/10
Theme: 9/10 <-- Considering the genre
Arrangement: 10/10
Technical: 10/10
Quality: 9/10
Global: 10/10

Ambient pads, (voluntarly) simple analog synths, a great guitar (ah, if it had been fully tracked...), a lot of CPU used but who cares, Alexandre Hegner provides us a very original blend of ambient, awesome 70's disco & lead electric guitars, experimental electronica, backed on a nice laid back rythm.

While there is no real distinct theme, everything within that song is very harmonic and very pleasing to the ear to listen to. Definitely a great easy listening entry that will go, like Oldbrian & C-frog's entries, directly on my relaxation playlist.

Everything is clearly and professionnally arranged, nothing is misplaced. Awesome professionnal work. A track to remember and an artist to follow. Wonderful.

The only drawback of this song I really noticed is that when you hit the stop key, you are suddenly pulled from the world of dreams this track sent you in, and drawn back to reality. That sucks :-( There is however a fix for this : The loop function most players offer nowadays, that lets you play this little gem over and over again :-)
Originality: 8/10Technical: 9/10
Theme: 8/10Quality: 9/10
Arrangement: 7/10Global: 8/10

a relaxed house/chill track with great sampled guitars and a good mix.

originality - a combination of very electronic sounding instruments, and sublime guitar samples with minimal perc make this an interesting track.
theme - great sounding throughout, pleasant melodies, good pads and bass combine to make an enjoyable listen.
arrangement - i thought the intro was a little unncessary, but other than that the sections flow together nicely, with interesting bridges, a clear progression and a (unfortunately) quite lazy sounding outro.
technical - wide use of samples vsts and vst fx, a well mixed er mix, good use of delays and the sample quality of the guitars is excellent.

overall a very good track, nicely mixed, great quality of samples and appropriately used fx. could have benefited from a better constructed intro and outro and slightly heavier bassline.

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