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Originality: 5/10Technical: 9/10
Theme: 5/10Quality: 8/10
Arrangement: 5/10Global: 7/10

Genre: trance
Very promising & rather mystical intro. Spanish guitar kind of breaks the spell. High-end production though. Nice drive & vibe. Fat strings, very nicely filtered to keep some sort of expectation going on. Actual theme at 2.20 somewhat disappoint, maybe due to overactive build-up of expectations. Another bridge follows, creating even more expectations. More string-fatness. The question that arises is if the main theme is strong enough to carry such a song. All these expectations and multi-layered strings can only hold if supported by a marvellous theme, and this one isn't good enough for that purpose. It should have been longer (64 or 128 bars), and not 32. It therefore become a rather average trance track with an unclear song structure (if compared with commercial trance). Nevertheless very convincing and professional concerning quality of sound.
Originality: 3/10Technical: 3/10
Theme: 5/10Quality: 5/10
Arrangement: 6/10Global: 4/10

This trance track by erno112 starts of with a hard and overdriven beat, although that could be madtracker clipping because al the mixer faders are maxed out, to bad...

Anyway, the samples you use are quite nice, everything fits well in the 'verby-mix', everything except the 'guitar' sample, it realy has a to sharp attack and is to upfront in the mix. Turning down that instruments volume would help.

The composition is alright, the chords and melody's are not realy intresting though. The samples that play the melody in the break are truly awesome :) ( especialy the plucked synth thingy ) great work on that!
After the break the guitar thing is gone and it all fits together nicely.

It's a trance track, trance has been around for some time now, and I would have liked to have seen you do something more creative to the genre. Instead it's quite trance like trance has always been. But you did it in a nice way, although the drums could have been a bit more dynamic.
To bad you didn't use VST's for some nice effects or synths.

But anyway,
Keep up the work, your heading in the right direction!
Originality: 7/10Technical: 8/10
Theme: 9/10Quality: 9/10
Arrangement: 8/10Global: 8/10

The beginning promised a track with a good atmoshpere. The track follows a pretty basic trance setup of an intro playing one fourth of the melody and then after a while playing the whole melody. You then have the first buildup, the break, the climax etc. It also features the infamous trance strings.

A couple of things make me like this track pretty much though. First of I think the atmoshpere and energy in this track are both top notch. It has the right places for people to throw their hands in the air and the right places for people to check out the ass of the girl (or guy, if you're into them) in front of them in a club.
Second, I like the lead instrument. This metallic plucked guitarish sound does wonders in showing you don't need the trance string to create a good atmoshpere.
Third, even though I said the tracks features the typical trance string (and that wasn't a positive comment), I must say they're used wisely in this track. Meaning they don't go over the top. Also, though the break followed a very standard pattern I must say I liked it nevertheless. It simply worked.

The only thing I would definetly loose and would want to burn if I could is the ships horn used as an fx in this track constantly. Once or twice it could have worked (and even then with a big question mark after), but playing it all the time it just raised the cheese factor of this track through the roof.
Another thing I would want to complain a bit about is the hihats. The pattern afaik did not have any variation to it other than being on or off. Throw in some extra hits here and there to spice things up.

In the end, I believe this track could raise the heat in almost any club you'd stick it in. I very much liked that it borught back memories of the golden days of trance (in my eyes), the mid 90's. But please get rid of the horn first.
TNK / ATK project
Originality: 8/10Technical: 7/10
Theme: 8/10Quality: 8/10
Arrangement: 9/10Global: 8/10

Originality: 8/10 <-- within the genre
Theme: 8/10
Arrangement: 9/10
Technical: 7/10
Quality: 8/10
Global: 8/10

Sounds like ambient, starts like ambient and then turns into some kicking trance. Sometimes (around 3 minutes) some nice laid back atmospheres get in and make this one even more interesting. A great soundscape, an incredible power, this one will obviously get a lot of points from me !

Originality : Being original in the trance world is not easy and this musician managed to do the impossible. Really nice effort here. That guy obviouly knows how to be original, how to get ideas within the trance universe.

Theme : Definitely a trance theme. A bit repetitive (I mean the main lead), but some parts (especially the slower parts have some really nice sounds here and there, and of course the theme, while being typically a trance theme, works perfectly.

Arrangement : This track has all the little stuff that make the difference from a dull & flat trance track to a great trancer : Lotsa elements here and there, fxs & stuff like this that made me like it a lot.

Technical : The master volume is much too high ! Ever heard about saturations ? The hi-hats are also definitely too high pitched and hurt the ear. Besides this however, all blends together very well and create a nice soundscape (sometimes, especially during the snare rolls, the mix becomes muddy, because of that master volume issue...). My hint : There were lotsa great compressors VSTs available for that compo, why didn't you use them to give more power to your track rather than turning up the volume knob and saturating it all ?

Quality : A great trancer, flawed by it's master volume. Same comment for global here.

So my hint to that composer would be to learn a bit more on sound engeneering issues because on the musical side he masters trance music composing very well.

Also something that I'll probably copy-paste 3 billion times within this reviewing process : NAME YOUR TRACKS ! This would give your audiance and us judges a better view of how your track is built, will help newbies to learn how to use MT and to beat you in next year's compo :)

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