MT2 Compo


By Enigmatic

What can be said? 15 minutes of ever changing, ever twisting, ever modulating & ever interesting trance, in all forms possible. I really don't want to know how many weeks were used to create this song, because it is atleast the most complex one I heard in this whole tracker scene. The sound quality is superb, the mix is incredibly balanced, the structure is absolutely interesting and the choice of instruments also in respect to the rest of the song. This is just major impressive to hear, especially when your into making music, because this is just intelligent work.

But there is a negative point. Not the length, because with this amount of sounds, moods and tunes atleast half an hour could be filled without getting tedious. No, it's the image of the song. Hard to explain, but their isn't any real point I could point my finger to with the remark 'now this is the main theme of the song'. Throughout all these sub-melodies, spinning structures and different instruments I could find the main thing, the point where this song is build on or from. And this makes it difficult to enjoy this song, because you are swirling through the music without a certain thing that keeps being there.

And that's why not an A+, but a A. An incredible song this is, but probably a little bit too much geniality and too little listen-friendlyness. But in the end the best I heard so far.

Good mix and good theme. But a bit long.
You'll need at least a Pentium II 450 MHz to play it.

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