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 Madtracker as retro music tool for now?
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How many hardware synths you use in MT2 arrangement?
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 23 2016 14:20    
Madtracker as retro music tool for now?
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I have been 10 years in MadTracker Forum. Some thoughts....

There are some people who say "IT IS JUST A TOOL", and so if it is tool for which You paid for then You longer you use it, the more You get from it. There is only advantage of using on the system which You have worked with and learned to know. No shame in it if it is 1..5..10..15 year old everything. The hype about "updates and upgrades" is just a big corporations greed to grab your money and to keep things under the way THEY want. Well, it does not include small programs like MT2.6.1 but it is more about the winblows*it.
I use MT2.6.1 becouse it has support for older platform, is much more reliable and flexible than Renoise, Reason.
There are only couple bugs and things which I hope to get fixed...

There are many many several programs we still love to use
on occassion and/or everyday usage, and it does not matter that it is no longer developed on.

How many of us uses it? On which configuration?

I use for this a machine which I bought on 2006 and I keep it in trimmed configuration for Madtracker 2.6.1. I dont change anything in this machine, except perhaps some hardware, but the OS will be the same for MT2 and sequencers shake.
WIN98SE with non-official support pack (so I can use 1GB RAM) which is shared along with Cubase VST32 (I use it even now).

128GB SSD,
3.4GHz Pentium 4 Level 2 2MBcache
Gigabit ethernet
M-audio Delta 1010LT
Soundblaster Live (mainly for SPDIF output use)
MOTU Midi Express XT (possibility for MIDI time code)

My typical arrangement consists of some hardware synths where I choose which synth I use for this and that tune, plus also racksynths, and external effect units.
Basically for reverb I like to create extra send channel through external Behringer V-VERB rack becouse it is much smoother than VST reverbs.
Of course in this case it is all mixed with external mixer.
So the computer soundcard is just for samples and (if any) VSTs.
It needs 5..6 MIDI channels, and 2..3 stereo output pairs on soundcard.

It is becouse I want to keep control over the things I use, and then it comes that how it sounds.

Well. I think soon I will post some videos and process about this vintage/retro arranging with synthesizers.

Which kind of external hardware You use, or what kind of out of common configurations are in Your creative work?
And what are Your thoughts who have been 10 years with it?
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 18 2017 19:13    
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I still didnt manage to get real equipment. Therefore I use Madtracker only and VSTis Smile

Madtracker-Tutorial - Personal Releases
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