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 [Tutorial] New to using IRC?
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 19 2004 09:35    
[Tutorial] New to using IRC?
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Since a lot of users won't have much or any experience with using IRC, here are some basic guidelines that you can follow. All commands can be entered in the commandline, and all '[ ]' should be removed.

/nick [name]
Changes your default name (Unregistered) into [name]
command: /nick Inge
result: [10:32:23] Unregistered is now known as Inge

if you haven't changed your name yet, please change it the next time you use MadTracker! All users are named 'Unregistered' by default, and only one 'Unregistered' name can enter the room at the same time. Changing your name will enable others to enter the room too.

/me [action]
Performs an action that results in [name] [action]
command: /me is testing stuff
result: [10:31:25] Inge is testing something

/join [#roomname]
Joins another IRC room
command: /join #scenerep
result: a new window opens, saying: [10:33:34] Now talking in #scenerep

Performs a display that results in [name] is playing [song title] [filename.mt2]
command: /play
result: [10:35:46] Inge is playing 'Dipsomania' (Yannick - Dipsomania.mt2)

How to talk privately with someone?
Doubleclick on the others name. A new window will open, in which you can talk privately.

How to close a room?
Once you have opened a new window (because you and someone else had a private conversation, or because you also joined another #channel), you can close it by pressing shift and clicking with your left mouse button on the name of that room.

More information can be found down at
(thank you Json)

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