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 Sean Paul remixed to dnb
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Joined: 04 May 2003
Location: Nieuw Lekkerland @ Holland
PostPosted: Thu Jun 19 2003 20:46    
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Woot Woot! It works! After 40 minutes of hard uploading, it can be listened again in a reworked version!


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Joined: 05 May 2003
Location: Canton Ohio, USA
PostPosted: Fri Jun 20 2003 09:50    
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Hey Inge,
Just listened to it (Now that the link works!) And, although I am in no way familiar with the original song, i think whatever you did to it works. Sounds good to me. I have a certain amount of appreciation for crazy-ass breakbeats in a song (from my ATR days). Neat. Thanks.


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Joined: 06 Jun 2003
Location: Sweden
PostPosted: Sat Jun 21 2003 12:45    
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Nice choon, it has good ptential but IMO it lacks a certain je ne cez qoi (or however the f.. you spell it.. Confused ), maybe a fat bassline to go with that, raise the volume on the dwaili riddim in the background, variations on the beat to lower the monotony so the song doesn't feel so long, and last but not least; make the song more progressive so the listener thinks it's the real song when it starts (the element of surprise), keep bulding up the song and just when it is about to peak, slide in a nice break (but don't make it too long, or ppl will loose interest) to take the listener down a notch, build up the break and then.. *BOOM*, crescendo, hit them with everyting the song has to offer..

Add that and voilaz, you've got a PHAT tune! Very Happy



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