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 Multiple wave export
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Joined: 24 Mar 2006
Location: Kiel / Germany
PostPosted: Fri Mar 31 2006 10:36    
Multiple wave export
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It would be nice to have a multiple wave export option in MadTracker. If needed, a module consisting of, let`s say, 17 tracks could then be exported to 17 different .wav-files automatically and easily be imported into another application for final processing.
(The different files could be named <title_of_module>_<nn>.wav with nn = track number or track name.)

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Joined: 04 May 2003
Location: Nieuw Lekkerland @ Holland
PostPosted: Fri Mar 31 2006 11:05    
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I think this is the number #2 request (#1 being mt3) for ages. From what I can recall, implementing this would not be easy (for whatever reason), but yes, this would be very handy for mixing and mastering.

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Joined: 28 Oct 2006
Location: nds, germany
PostPosted: Sat Oct 28 2006 20:14    
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yes sir!

i registered yesterday because i needed the wave export.
i was a little disapointed when i found out there is no multiple wave export...
it´s good to see that you are working on it, is it coming in the next version?
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