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 okey here's the deal :S
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Hot & Sexeh

Joined: 27 Dec 2005
Location: The Netherlands, Wezep
PostPosted: Mon Jul 24 2006 15:57    
okey here's the deal :S
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ehm well... so I got the behringers, Mighty sweet sound I must admit

the thing is, when I switched on the monitors today to listen some music, I got quite a shock a BIG FUCKING artifact was going through my speakers, and it HATES reverb

first I was like OMG OMG OMGGGGG my speakers are Kaduuk/kaput/'broken/fucked up etc.

so I was mailing new-line... back and forwards etc etc. ofc I have guarantee

my friend sugested to also plug it into some other equipment.. radio's, DVD players My GameCube Razz

Here's the good part, the things aint broken because they sound perfect on other devices except my computer

So I replaced my soundcard which didnt help me, but on a normal radio/DVD player the monitors sound fine :S

so now I wanna do this: hook my computer to my radio/receiver thingy any thoughts?

eeehm any solution(s)??
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