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 REVISED Track - Inner Light
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 26 2007 20:57    
REVISED Track - Inner Light
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Hey Everyone!

Wow, alot of people been posting since I've been here, been working hard lately myself. Took a long break after remixing my Inner Light tune. I wanted more variation because it was sounding rather laid back(thanks for the input). I will post both versions.

I have a question though, about listening/creating music on your comp with newer sound cards and 5.1 sound with speakers versus an older stereo (panasonic come apart stereo) without 5.1 sound. I notice very large differences in some of the sounds. Its almost like part of some of the sounds are omitted or can not be heard on my stereo but everything sounds perfect on my comp no matter what format I use (mp3, wav, mt2, etc.) I even play the same disc on both and they sound different. Does anyone know anything about stuff like this? Would be greatly appreciated.

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