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 BSOD question, IRQL not less or equal ???
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Joined: 24 Nov 2005
PostPosted: Thu May 03 2007 00:58    
BSOD question, IRQL not less or equal ???
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Hello madtrackers,

I've been having some problems today with my computer crashing all of a sudden, giving this blue screen of death errornotice:

"IRQL not less or equal
stop: 0x0000007E ( 0XC0000007E , 0X00000000 , 0XF789E384 , 0XF789E080 )"

Did some googling and browsed through a bunch of tech messageboards, but the hints & tips are so diverse... I think I need some expert help to pinpoint the precise cause of this error Smile Some people say its bad memory, some blame it on the network drivers, some say it's a virus etc etcetera.

Basically the motherboard bios could use an update, but I'm afraid to mess up the firmware and **** up the whole system. According to 'si soft sandra' I have a Gigabyte motherboard ( 8I915P duo ), when I search the net for drivers there seem to be tons of variations on the 8I915P duo, some with the word pro behind it or another letter and some number combo. Why can't these manufacturers just pick a totally different string of characters to define a newer motherboard?

Is there a place on the net where I can paste in the given bsod and the site tells me what's the problem?


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Joined: 27 Dec 2005
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PostPosted: Thu May 03 2007 10:53    
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ehh.. yes?
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Joined: 25 Nov 2006
Location: My house, Australia
PostPosted: Thu May 10 2007 05:25    
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plugexpert: My mum's old computer has this problem "IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL", ever since I installed Tascam GigaStudio3... It may be the motherboard... It also has a process, msg32.exe it keeps running since login (Don't know why), but when I end it, msg32.exe (the process) "locks pages". The IRQL error happens on logoff or when I put too much pressure on it's CPU.
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Joined: 21 Sep 2003
Location: Oregon USA
PostPosted: Sat May 12 2007 01:06    
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"IRQL not less or equal" could mean a bunch of things. I got the error when I was trying to WinXP-upgrade a computer last year that was WinXP-underspec/underpowered (i.e. it was a Supersocket7 board with AMD K6-300 CPU, 128MB DIMM and only 3GB drive). Eventually I got it to, after a dozen or so tries. It's still somewhat unstable, but it's just an experimental platform computer I can use to install and test things on. The error could mean overheating or conflicting drivers. Do you remember installing anything (software) or if someone bumped (or dropped, oops) the computer lately?

Go to and put "IRQL not less or equal" in the search bar to see what you get. Some of those articles have helped me.

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