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 the vst plugin help
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Joined: 16 Aug 2006
PostPosted: Tue Mar 11 2008 00:02    
the vst plugin help
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the FAQ on this website didnt really help me much to understand far as i can see about how to use vst plugins for my wave instrument.

it told me how i can go to edit then configuration then rescan my vsti database but it doesnt tell me if the vsti i donwloaded on the internet is suppose to be some DLL or not.

i downloaded a vsti from the help-support forum from those vst i sites and have a dll. i then put the e-looper.dll into my vst plugins folder of madtracker that was installed from the madtracker setup installation, from this website.

then i went to double clicking my wave insturment i created with its sound already loaded and plays fine, but i activated the midi/vsti and nothing shows up except for the difault midi.

how do i use vst instruments back to squar one. Very Happy
any help would be appreciated. thank you
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Joined: 12 Nov 2007
PostPosted: Sat Mar 15 2008 18:56    
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At the top of Madtracker you have a row of options that starts with File, Edit, Module... Click on the one that says "plugin" and then choose "load...". Browse until you find the plugin you want to use and double click it. The vst will be loaded into your module and you should see it in the plugin window. Go back to the instrument window and there should be a new instrument colored red and named the same as the VST you just loaded. You can use this instrument just like a sample instrument. If there is no new instrument created when you load the VST or if you want to set that vst to a different instrument then go to the instrument and in the midi/synthesizer part select the vst you want to use.

Hope that helps
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