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Title:MacGyver Theme (Extended Version)
Genre:Pop, Film Music
Comment:MacGyver theme remixed. I decided to release the mt2 version.
Size:996 KB

MarSNEL:   Good

Like the reasemblence with the ral song. Took me back years. However, the samples could have been chosen better.

Peter Toth:   Very good

Very uplifting air... I like how the saxophone creates an atmosphere.
Very good balance of bass-treble...
Fills the room very nicely.

Overall, very well written. I think :)
Thank you.

CamBomb:   Very good

haha great job! i can't believe what i'm hearing this is so cool haha! Great job on the recreation and bettering of the original score of...MCGYVER! DODODO it works so well i can't really hear anything i don't like. Great job!

Copyright © 1998-2005 Yannick Delwiche
All rights reserved