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Title:What's the Point
Genre:Piano, Classical General
Comment:My first real release.
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JiMbo:   Bad

I really like the piano, however, even though the genre is “Piano, Classical General”, I would of liked to hear some precussion enter the song at some point. U could of took it further.

Good work


Ecthelion:   Bad

Great work Phrazz!
You're getting a bit further on the challenge of making a "real" classical tune, although as Jimbo said, Percussion could be useful to some extension, and I also don't really like the string melody sound, it sounds too "keyboardy", i. e. when you listen to track 08 by itself it sounds too much as if you press down keys. That kind of removes a bit of the classical atmosphere, won't you agree?
Still, great song, great melody, keep it up buddy!

Smash:   Bad

Give your friend me a mic! Annie Lennox! Wow, how "esque" is this!

Nice effot, needs very little mastering, but is by no means 99.5% there. Solo and duet synth strings would benefit from mild attack dampening with more aggressive sustain/release tweaks, especially apparent at end. Piano sounds flat, but not overly so, give it some sparkle and 'verb it up!

Give us a little synth beat too, nice enough as the mood is, it needs the addition of a late 80's synth 'Punch' (but not Judy, just Annie :-))

WIllman:   Bad

One of the nicest piano tumes I've seen so far... I didn't know a song with so few samples could so nice! At times it seems less of a classical tune and more of a blend of others, though. Mebbe it is put in the wrong place...? Kind of separated sometimes, but maybe you cannot do anything to stop that...

abel:   Bad

I don't like classical piano music and stuff but this is nice.
I choose 4 good beceause i don't like the style of the song, however... if i like classical i'm sure i give you very good.

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