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Title:Shivery Blue
Genre:Down Tempo, Progressive Electronica
Comment:some samples had to be reduced 8 bit -> sorry
Size:950 KB

XnmE:   Very good

Mmmmm.... wellll... i like it, nice, moody song... i want to lay down... and flow with the sound... away... it would be great to hug my girlfriend now :)
I like these calm sounds, i like these female vox much...

QBical:   Very good


This one realy gets to me!

This track proves the fact that an good ambiance is better then an athem with stomping beats!
It kinda reminds me of Apex's Ambient works ( the second part ).
The use of effects are great, the beats are given great depths by the use of filters and verbs in the right places.
The vocal is perfectly worked out.

I realy can't find anything that I don't like...

One of my favorites here on


CHICAGO¤lollie:   Very good

It's been a while since I've downloaded a song from the Music section... And by god, I wish I had downloaded this song earlier!

I've found that "Shivery Blue" seems to have this mystic unknown feeling about it... Beautifully structured, soft... Downtempo Ambient Ethnic-Electro tunes like this are something I dig.

This tune remind me of Mike Brown (Electronium)'s work... Very cool. 8)

The only thing that gets me is the apparent lack of stereo separation in the string instruments. That's it. Everything else = w00tirific.


ZetesisAA:   Average

The sound you created
is interesting and gummy.

But I find the cue too much cycling. Seems one huge loop that could work well as background sound in a web site. My ears expected more, but in vain. This is a loop.

Maybe the work would have been better
introducing a part with present essential beats (kick and snare)
and some variations on theme.

Much more creativity! :)


michetox:   Very good

beautiful... just the kind of music i go for. and yes... its very waterworld like. one of the nicest tunes i've downloaded here in a while. so simple yet so deep.

sidewinder:   Very good

Amazing for the size, i could say
but beautifuly tragic & deliciously

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