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Title:Happy 2005
Genre:Game Soundtracks, Techno
Comment:Christmassy demo style module
Size:2555000 KB

Ted:   Good

Suddenly I felt that it is my turn to finally write my first review!

Wow, what a happy song! I love happy songs! This song is certainly not repetitive (VERY good, i like the melodies and arps!), but one thing I think really could improve the song would be a change of samples. The song sounds flat, and would in my opinion be much better with a wider and deeper sound. The reverb is very weak, and more of it would only make this song better. Sadly, almost all the samples have a sample rate of 8363hz, and there are no stereo samples. Tha author says this is his first MadTracker module, and I think he has learnd his new tracker very well.

nt/The Inorganic Project:   Good

So this is your first mt module?
At least you must have been tracking for a longer time, because your song is really nice. I like the happy mood which is promised by the title and I like the fact that everything stays in harmony (e.g. the chord progression).
You also have a bridge which is the sign of some advanced skills.
A bit more variation and the song would become a top-notch!
Keep on the good work.


football:   Can do better

Some of the samples used here completely comfuse me.... and the melody(ies) dont blend all that well. Overall, though its has a nice sound to it.

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